Nauxolo's Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann Tv Review

Rated: 8

I am purposely writing this review one week after I finished watching TTGL, so that the adrenaline rush that came from watching the end could wear off. (Yes, it required one week for that to happen).

TTGL is an in-your-face straight-up mecha anime with no frills and little nonsense. From mind boggling action fight scenes to outlandish ideas that somehow fit into this fictional universe, TTGL really satisfies the palette. Although the pace starts out slowly for the first 10 episodes, it soon gains steam and goes for an amazingly enjoyable build-up until the end. Objectively, there may be a few flaws and irks in the characters and storyline, but this is really overshadowed by the energy of the anime.

I highly recommend this anime, because the fights are on such an epic scale.

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Nauxolo's Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Tv Review

Rated: 7

Tsubasa Chronicle is a very straightforward anime with few tugging questions or 'mysteries'. Although a lot is left unsaid, the pacing of the anime really doesn't make their mysteries very important. The crew set out on a journey almost immediately with absolutely no background given for anyone. Even up to episode 18 nothing about anyone's powers is told and the groups cooperation with each other is almost too simple and quick. My main qualm with the beginning is how did Kurogane accept Syaoran so quickly? I accepted Fye's reasons just barely.

Putting all personal annoyances aside, this anime is a fun travel/journey anime and there aren't enough of these pure journey animes out there.

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Nauxolo's Utawarerumono Tv Review

Rated: 8

Because Utawarerumono does well above average in nearly all aspects, it does not excel in any particular one. There are many possible complaints and annoyances that one may point out. For example, there really are a lot of characters... and by the end, even some of the more key characters from the beginning are just ... there, not doing much. Of course, each character gets its own episode focus and we do get to know each one of them quite well AND each character has a decent role in each flowing episode, but it is just hard to give so much attention to everyone at the end.

Despite the potential problem of overextending itself, Utawarerumono tells a great story, with a great cast of characters.There is a good balance between personal stories and war events.

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